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NEW ENGLAND: AUGUST, 2009 - Three nights, four days, ten organizations. From August 17th to August 20th, we will be in New England, traveling from Cape Ann, Massachusetts to Port Clyde, Maine. Below is a list of the organizations who we will be meeting, along with a short description of each (as stated on their respective websites).







Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance

The Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance’s mission is to restore and enhance an enduring marine system supporting a healthy diversity and an abundance of marine life and human uses through a self-organizing and self-governing organization.

Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association

The GFWA is a non-profit organization promoting the New England fishing industry, helping to preserve the Atlantic Ocean as a food supply for the world, and assisting active and retired fishermen and their families to live better lives. Since 1969, the GFWA has been a strong voice expressing the concerns of the fishing industry at local, state, federal, and international meetings and hearings. The goal of the organization is to help promote a healthy environment and a just economy that allows local and family-owned businesses to survive in a changing world. It defends the rights of fishing people and develops programs that are economic, educational, cultural, and social in scope.

UNH Corporative Extension, Sea Grant / NH Seafood Fresh and Local,
New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen’s Association

Originated in November 2008 by the Portsmouth City Council, the Fishing Industry Committee’s project called “New Hampshire Seafood Fresh and Local” is a working committee designed to preserve and promote the New Hampshire seacoast’s historical 400 year old, local and regional commercial fishing industry and educate the public about the commercial fishing industry’s economic contributions to job creation, tourism, and community population and demographic diversity.

Center for Marine Social Sciences
MIT Sea Grant Corporative Extension

The Center for Marine Social Sciences (CMSS) explores the human, social, and political aspects of marine-related issues. This work helps identify solutions to complex issues and contributes to policy development. In particular, CMSS has focused on the fishing industry and the communities that it supports. The center has also provided critical assessments of proposed management plans for regional management authorities. In addition, CMSS is concerned with coastal zone issues in which the human context can greatly influence the acceptance of management policies.

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) catalyzes community dialogue, interdisciplinary research, and science literacy to realize the natural and human potential of the Gulf of Maine bioregion. Our goal is to position the Gulf of Maine community to emerge at the forefront of a new era of maritime innovation, embracing creative strategies to harness the ocean’s productive capacity while sustaining the bioregion's vitality and character for future generations.

Port Clyde Fresh Catch

Ready Seafood – Catch-a-Piece-of-Maine

John and Brendan Ready grew up by the water in Cape Elizabeth, Maine where they were introduced to the lobster industry at an early age. By the time they were 9 years old, they were each harvesting lobsters from their own boats and traps. Their passion for the sea continued, and with each year they gained more knowledge and experience with how the lobster industry worked. With the hands on experience they gained over the years, they wanted to explore the business end of the industry and set off to college, each pursuing business degrees. In 1999 John entered Northeastern University in Boston. It was here when John found out about Northeastern's well-established co-op programs. It encouraged him to explore different areas of industry and to keep an open mind. In his senior year, 2004, he won the undergraduate 60K business plan competition, which lead to the birth of Ready Seafood. Brendan came back to Maine on weekends to continue lobstering while majoring in business administration at Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts. During his four years at Stonehill, he led his team in college hockey. In 2004, he also graduated with a business degree, majoring in marketing. In June 2004 John and Brendan opened Ready Seafood on the waterfront in Portland, Maine. Since then Ready Seafood has grown to a $10 million seafood company.

Midcoast Fishermen’s Association

The Midcoast Fishermen's Cooperative, founded in 2007 by the area's groundfishermen, gives us more control over the marketing of our seafood. It's a sustainable link between those of us who catch the fish and the people who enjoy eating fresh seafood, locally caught, right off the boat. Our fishermen get the most value for our catch and the consumers get a consistently high-quality product.
Members of our cooperative created the Midcoast Fishermen's Association in 2006 as a nonprofit advocacy group for area fishermen. The MFA is based on a strong conservation ethic and is committed to restoring groundfish populations along the coast of Maine. The group is open to all local fishermen, and we are exploring options to help sustain fisheries along Maine's coast for generations to come.

Island Institute

The Island Institute is a nonprofit organization that serves as a voice for the balanced future of the islands and waters of the Gulf of Maine. We are guided by an island ethic that recognizes the strength and fragility of Maine's island communities and the finite nature of the Gulf of Maine ecosystems. Along the Maine Coast, the Island Institute seeks to:

  • support the islands' year-round communities;
  • conserve Maine's island and marine biodiversity for future generations;
  • develop model solutions that balance the needs of the coast's cultural and natural communities;
  • provide opportunities for discussion over responsible use of finite resources, and provide information to assist competing interests in arriving at constructive solutions.



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