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Winter 2015

Hi Everyone!

Welcome and thanks to everyone for joining us for the Winter 2015 CSF! We are excited about the challenges the winter can bring and are looking forward to providing seafood from North Carolina’s coast to Raleigh.

If you can’t pick up your share, use can use this space or click ‘Share Swap’ to sell, swap, or trade it with another member or the general public. Facebook is also a great place to post if you need to swap or trade your share.

* Be sure to include your contact information and a date so folks know when and how to contact you.

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Fall 2014

It is hard to believe the summer is coming to an end. It sure went by quickly!

This season marks our 6th Fall CSF! Shares are now available so be sure to sign up soon to begin receiving your share of fresh, local seafood. Durham deliveries will start on September 18th and Raleigh begins on September 16th. We will also have a local delivery in Carteret County that will begin on September 18th. The fall season will run for 12 weeks (no deliveries the week of Thanksgiving).

Over the course of the Fall CSF, members will receive a variety of locally harvested seafood from a group of Carteret County fishermen. Potential species for the fall share include: flounder, hard clams, shrimp, triggerfish, blue crabs , sea mullet and jumping mullet. We also plan to incorporate less commonly utilized species including such species as black drum, sheepshead, and pompano.On some weeks when we offer species such as live hard crabs you will have an option.

Please share your thoughts, comments and ideas. We love to here from you and your feedback is very much appreciated!

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